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Electric Steam Boiler (160kg/h~360kg/h)
Heat Output:66000 kcal/h~193500 kcal/hPlease link to our webpage for more detail information. Use electricity to heat up, no hazardous exhaust, sanitary, healthy, and zero pollution.2. No exhaust heat loss, maintain long-term high efficiency.3. Sophisticated design, neat in appearance, and small in size.4. Electric leakage detection design, which automatically detects electric leaking heater, display the position and stop operating without affecting other heaters' function. Safety is guaranteed.5. Complete installed all safey devices, such as steam safety valve, steam pressure switch, steam pressure gauge, and prevention of idle combustion.6. Electric heaters start in sequence, which maintain steady current instead of abrupt current.7. Water insufficient detection: microprocessor automatically operates detection, it prevents idle boiler combustion and detection of broken and deterioration of the water pump.8. Water level control abnormal detection: microcomputer automatically detects, which effectively prevents water level electrode rod disconnection, short circuit ,and breakdown caused by the water scale.9. Easy to operate, microcomputer self checks and reports faulty position.
Hot Water Boiler
Heat Output: 80000kcal/h ~ 600000kcal/hPlease link to our webpage for more information.

About Us

Zu How Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, and we are a leading boiler manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan. The company now covers an area of 13,000 square meters which include boiler manufactory, material process manufactory, chemical manufactory, boiler associate equipment and burner's manufactory, automation electronic control develop manufactory and etc.

Quality is the assurance and promise that ZU HOW Boiler gives to all customers. It is also our principle for one company's long lasting. We insist that "Quality activate ZU HOW's brand, and service activate ZU HOW's reputation." We expect the best experience, service, and also to bring maximum benefit for our customers.

Thus, we set up many branches around Taiwan, in order to provide 24/7 service for our customers. We also established Thailand and Vietnam factory tor provide our service in Southeast Asia area.